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GIS For Permaculture

Brent currently teaches Reclamation Ecology at Medicine Hat College, and is experienced in teaching both small and large classes.  We offered a Quantum GIS (QGIS) for Permaculture course in March 2015.

We hope to offer the following courses for the Medicine Hat area in the near future (2015-2016):

  1. DIY Mushroom Cultivation (1 day course)
  2. Plant Identification and Selection (2 day course)
  3. Using Native Plants in Permaculture Design (1 day course)
  4. Introduction to Aquaponics (1 day course)
  5. QGIS for Permaculture (2 day course)
  6. Introduction to Hugelkultur (1 day course)
  7. A to Z of Permaculture Beds (1 day course)
  8. Introduction to Composting (1 day course)
  9. Water Conservation Strategies in Arid Alberta (1 day course)
  10. Introduction to Permaculture (1 day course)
  11. Permaculture Design Course (14 day course)



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