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We are equipped with certified survey equipment, precision GPS, GIS, and 60 + years of combined experience in gardening, food production, and earth repair. The Medicine Hat region has an amazing climate for growing, and Permaculture design can take advantage of the long, sunny growing period, with some adaptations to deal with drought. Using warm microclimates, we can grow zone 4 and even some zone 5 species. We grow a variety of fruit, nuts, and ancient grains, including sweet and sour cherry, pear, apple, kiwi, dwarf peach, saskatoon, grapes, hops, walnut, hazelnut, and quinoa.
Whether it’s an urban oasis or broadacre farm—we can design a Permaculture system for your needs. We also specialize in the following:
1. Fruit production systems
2. Integrated grazing systems
3. Rainwater catchment and storage
4. Green roofs
5. Swale design
6. Drought tolerant/xeriscaping

Initial Consultation


Initial consultation includes an interview, site visit, and assessment of your goals and objectives for your Permaculture project

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